Submitting A Storm-Related Modification Application
  • Before you make storm-related repairs such as replacing your roof or fencing, you need to submit a Modification Application along with all required documents to the Modifications Committee. (Please note:  if you need to complete a paint/stain repair, you do not need to submit an application as long as you replace with paint/stain of the same color. Skylight replacement does not require an application as long as you meet the skylight requirements as outlined in the Modifications Design Guidelines.)
  • IMPORTANTLY:  The Modifications Committee has convened a special team to review storm-related applications within 2 business days. (Note: this is within two days of receipt of the application with all required supporting documentation.) To receive expedited response from the Modifications Committee, your application must be noted "STORM DAMAGE" . If it is not, the Modifications Committee will review your application following its normal process.*
  • Before submitting your application and required documents, please review the Modifications Design Guidelines. (The Stonebridge website contains further general information re: the Modification Application process.)
  • There are two ways to submit your application and required documents. You may either complete the application online after logging into the website (top right, this page),** OR you may complete the downloadable application and bring it with your required documents to the Association office at 6201 Virginia Parkway during normal business hours, M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 pm.
  • To review the required documents which must be submitted along with the application for a roof replacement, click here. To review the required documents which must be submitted along with the application for a fence replacement, click here.
  • Modification Applications must be submitted by the homeowner, not your contractor.
  • A contractor sign is allowed in your yard ONLY during the active construction period and IF a City permit is affixed to the sign. Signs must be immediately removed upon project completion or if you do not have a City permit affixed to the sign. Follow these guidelines to avoid a yard sign violation.
  • Shared fencing which needs replacement requires a neighbor agreement form signed by both parties. This must be submitted along with the Modification Application. Shared fencing is defined as all section(s) separating lots which are used by both owners. (Post orientation does not define which homeowner is responsible.)
  • If you have questions, do not hesitate to call the office at 214.733.5800. We will connect you to the compliance coordinator assigned to your village, who is here to assist you. Please note that due to the current influx of inquiries and applications, it may take up to 24 hours for our staff members to reply to your phone call.
  • The City of McKinney requires permits for all roofing projects. See the city's website at for detailed information.
*Due to the increase in applications, the normal process of response for non-storm applications or for applications without proper notation and documentation may take up to the full 30 days for review as prescribed in our guidelines.
**Call Customer Care at (972) 943-2828 if you are registering at the site for the first time and have questions.



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